Thursday, February 17, 2011

Solace of a Sister

The Dean’s office, located a floor under the student’s observation deck of the Simulator, was more sparse than most of the students thought it would be. The north end had a large window facing out onto the view of the front gate and mountains beyond it. The south end had a large window also, but this one held a view of the simulator room, his desk just feet away from it. Two chairs and a couch decorated the center of the room for guests. A row of three over flowing book cases took up the east side of the wall. The west wall had a series of photographs of the Dean with various influential people and his Alpha License framed.

Gael and Niht stood there beside Samuel, not that impressed by the license. Both, their mother and father had an identical license. So it was no surprise that some of the photos on the wall had their parents posing with the Dean. Samuel, though, was the only one in his family with powers, so he never thought he’d meet someone that could use their powers anywhere in the world without having to register with the local governments.

The door on the east wall beside the book shelves opened. Doctor Sahlyana and the Dean walked in, greeting the cadets and nurse Forte. The Dean stepped up beside the three teens, glancing at the photos behind them and then to both Niht and Gael “I heard from you father yesterday, he said he and your mother should be able to make it to the Grants Day celebration.”

Niht turned to his sister with a look of surprise from the news only to see it did not phase her at all. Sighing, he turns back to the Dean “I’m guessing we weren’t called to talk about preparations for a celebration three months away.”

The Dean took the hint “Yes, quite right. Would you all please have a seat.” He watched as Niht lead his sister to the couch followed by Samuel. Dr. Sahlyana had told him that Gael had been a bit traumatized by the situation, but he hadn’t know it was this bad. Forte and Sahlyana sat in the chairs. He waited till everyone was comfortable before speaking again. His eyes on the cadets “You three have already talked to Dr. Sahlyana about what happened, and she has relayed this to me, but I wanted to talk to all of you in person. Have any of you noticed Mr. Miyazaki acting unusual lately?”

Samuel and Niht looked at one another, Gael just stared ahead. “What do you mean unusual?” Samuel asked.

Dr. Sahlyana’s attention turned to Gael “Please Ms. Song, we aren’t here to punish anyone, but we need to know what happened last night.” This caused everyone’s attention to turn to Gael. She tried to fight the tears, but they came anyways.

Her brother was confused, looking from the Dr. to his sister “What are you....Gael? Did Uroko do something to you?!” The single word came out much louder than she meant “No!”

The Dean kneeled beside Gael “Ms. Song, we’ve known about Mr. Miyazaki sneaking out at night, and we know that was the first time you went with him. Please, we need to know more so we can help him.” Before anyone could stop her, Gael jumped to her feet and ran out of the east door. She wasn’t sure how far she planned on running, and wasn’t watching where she was going. Rounding the corner she bumped into Caitlyn, knocking both girls to the ground. Before Caitlyn could recover Gael was on her feet and running again, sobbing. “Gael, please wait! I can help you.” Caitlyn hoped Gael wouldn’t be mad with her for communicating telepathically.

Back in the office the Dean closed the door after calming down the boys. Niht, obviously, wanted to know why they weren’t going after his sister and what this was all about. The Dean turned back from the door, looking at Niht “Sorry about that. Your sister probably thinks this is all her fault, but she won’t speak to us about it.” He glanced out the window at the mountains. “Maybe Ms. Velez can get through to her.”

Samuel looked up, shocked “How did you....” The Dean turned back to the couch, answering “Mr. Hodges, we know more than you give us credit for.” The boy sat back and shut up quickly.

Niht was furious at the thought that Uroko may have done ‘something’ with his sister. He trusted Uroko and his sister, but they really liked each other. He shook the thoughts out of his head knowing Uroko wouldn’t do such a thing. He looked from Nurse Forte to Dr. Sahlyana “I don’t understand, what’s the problem with waking him up?”

The Dr. looked to the Dean, he nodded the okay. She looked back to Niht and Samuel “Mr. Miyazaki has always been difficult for me to read, and was actually able to keep his nightly escapades secret for some time. Even now, his thoughts seem hard to reach. That’s why we need to find out if something did happen that night.”

The Dean interrupted “Of course, there is also the chance that nothing even happened. This could all just be caused by over exertion of his powers.” He walked over to his desk and picked up a file, opening it “Mr. Miyazaki has been going out almost nightly by himself for the past month.”

Gael stood there, leaning against the wall just crying. “Was it my fault? Did I do this to him?” A hand touch her shoulder, and without caring who it was, Gael turned and fell into the person’s arms. She stood there crying on the girls shoulder. Caitlyn just stood there hugging Gael, not saying a word. The two stood there for what felt like eternity before Gael raised her head and said “ was just a kiss. I swear.” Caitlyn nodded and put her arm around Gael. The two girls walked to one of the empty classrooms down the hall so they could talk.


  1. I think I picked a weird place to jump in. I'm going to have to backtrack to see what's going on.

    So far I'm intrigued.

    Samuel, though, was the only one in his family with powers, so he never thought he’d meet someone that could use their powers anywhere in the world without having to register with the local governments. I like this bit of exposition. It gave me some info about the world (licensing) and info about the background of the characters.

    There are some tense shifts around, watch out for the present tense.

    “Gael, please wait! I can help you.” Did Caitlyn read her mind for what was going on in that brief second? Or did she just see her crying and want to help?

    “ was just a kiss. I swear.” Nice conclusion!

  2. The Caitlyn part is explained in the second story.

    Yeah, I caught a lot of the tense shifts in an edit, but apparently not all of them.

    It's definitely a must to start from the beginning to understand what is going on, unfortunately.