Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cadets - (Pilot episode)

The air was damp with fog tonight, making it simple for Uroko to sneak back in the school. He could see the bathroom window was just like he left it, barely open, and the light off. Though he could use his powers to scale the wall without one of the guards feeling it, he had no problems climbing the two stories. He latched the window shut a few seconds later and smirked as he watched the aura of a guard float by outside. Silently, Uroko took the invisible case off the wall above the last stall and changed back into his pajamas. His nose twitched at the strong smell of his own sweat. He’d been through a lot of fighting tonight, but it was fun. A few of the other cadets had inquired about his sweating so much in his sleep. Eventually, he used the only excuse he had one too many times, and the counselor had gotten wind of it.

Sahlyana would start each session asking him to meditate on the nightmares, and then she would ask him to describe them the best he could. Uroko was quick thinking and would describe the fights he had with the criminals, adding in false descriptions and him losing instead of winning. He worked so well faking his emotions that often times even he almost believed them. But he was always worried that Sahlyana could tell he was lying. She was born with no eyes, but had the ability to see, hear, and feel a person’s emotions. This made her one of the best psychiatrists in the world. He was terrified the first time she summoned him, and this may have helped.

He made it back to his dorm room just after 5:00 A.M. with only two hours to sleep. As he lay down he felt like someone was watching him. In a dark room with hundreds of bed and no light on it made it hard to see if he was just being paranoid. Exhausted from the night’s rounds, he fell asleep as soon as he got under the covers.

He woke with the instinct to protect himself. His scaled wings burst out of nowhere through his shirt, the dark green scales rising from under his skin looking as if they were flowing over his full body. As they covered his left forearm they formed a large round shield on the top, protecting him from his attacker, while they form a fearsome set of claws on his right hand. Without his eyes being the slightest bit open he reached out and grabbed the enemy by the throat. As soon as he heard the loud squeal his eyes burst open, as did his grip.

Gael was sprawled on the floor, her hand at her throat, coughing and trying to breathe. Niht, her brother, knelt by her side making sure she was okay. Whispers from the other cadets were almost deafening. Uroko was trying to decide if he was more disturbed by what he had done or what he had dreamt. It took him a moment to process everything before he jumped off the bed to make sure his friend was alright.

“Oh man! Gael, are you okay? I swear I didn’t…I…oh god I’m sorry!” He didn’t know what to say or if she’d forgive him. He kept expecting to get punched in the face by her twin brother.

Niht looked up “She’s okay, are you?” He was staring at Uroko, along with everyone else. Even Gael’s eyes had a shocked look, not of fear, but of worry. Uroko looked from Niht to Gael and finally noticed he couldn’t stop shaking. That’s when he remembered the fear from his dream. Gael placed her hand on his. He wished it could have been one of those moments like in the movies where the girl’s touch comforted the fear. Sadly, it did nothing to calm him. Uroko launched for the bathroom, locking the door.

He stared in the mirror, hands on the sink. He actually feel it happening and was sure this must have been why everyone was shocked. The scales kept coming in and out of his skin without his control. He couldn’t stop it, he could make them come out where he wanted, and this was more scales than he’d ever used before. The same thing happened eight years ago, but that was when the power first showed. He was six years old and there wasn’t much he could control then, but he had learned to and should have been able to control it now.

Not thinking, and shocked at the sudden appearance in the mirror behind him, Uroko turned and unleash several punches and kicked before he realized who he almost hurt. Thankfully, the water flowed around and under his quick assault.

“Woah, chill out man! I just came in to see if you were okay.” Samuels human form took hold. He was six foot of lean muscle that could knock your lights out fast. He usually shaved his head, but was going for a braided look right now. He grabbed a towel from the rack and wrapped it around him while walking over to unlock the door. “I think we should take you to see Nurse Quartet.”

Uroko nodded and ripped the shredded night shirt off that he’d been wearing. As he opened the door Samuel rushed passed him. “Gael! Don’t worry, I’m here now. You don’t have to worry.” he said as he tried to hug her. Gael squeaked in her normal shy voice “I’m fine.” as she watched Uroko walk out. Of course, Niht quickly diverted Samuel’s hug with a punch to the arm. “Quit it Sammy, this isn’t a good time.”

It didn’t take long for the team to take their squad positions which caused all the other cadets to move out of the way. Gael taking the front with her steady stride ready for anything, though she knew this was just an escort, but why not use it to do a bit of training. The rest of the team understood and took their positions as well. With Samuel and Niht on both sides of Uroko, just in case he needed any help. And it didn’t take long for the help to be needed as Uroko fainted shortly after.

Samuel and Niht caught him, getting cut by the scales a little. Gael ran over and took Niht’s place as he, the faster of the two, ran for the nurses office. About five minutes later Gael rested Uroko’s head on the ground and fell into the trance. She walked over to the nearest wall, causing the crowd to stare in awe because most of them had never seen the Song Twins’ Doorway. Her finger ran over the wall creating a glowing door shape. Samuel jumped up, carrying Uroko and held Gael’s hand. Light flashed inward as he stepped through the portal, followed by Gael. Within seconds they found themselves beside an empty bed in the hospital wing. The doorway they had traveled through such the air inward and closed with a hiss as the four identical nurses took Uroko into their care.

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  1. cool ^^
    Nice to finally read the stories of the Song twins and their friends.
    But you left it in a cliffhangering situation and now you need to write a second part :P